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Flooring Store Website SEO Overhaul: A Pathway to Dramatic Growth

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

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At CliqCliq, we spearheaded a robust SEO overhaul for a flooring store’s website, leading to a significant 143% increase in organic traffic and a 242.3% boost in revenue within six months. Our comprehensive strategy addressed key on-page issues, including enhancing product categorization, improving visual content, and refining user engagement elements. These targeted interventions not only improved the user experience but also strengthened the site’s search engine visibility and performance.

Background and Context

Despite offering a wide range of high-quality flooring products, the store’s online presence was underperforming in a competitive digital marketplace. With a Domain Authority of 22 and 600 indexed pages, the site’s primary traffic sources were Direct (50%) and Organic Search (30%). The challenge was not only to increase traffic and revenue but also to address and overcome specific on-page issues that hindered user experience and search engine visibility.

SEO Audit

  1. a. Technical SEO
    • Reduced site load time to under 3 seconds, enhancing user experience.
    • Achieved comprehensive mobile optimization for seamless browsing on all devices.
    • Updated XML sitemaps and robots.txt for improved search engine crawling and indexing.
    • Refined URL structure for clarity, incorporating relevant keywords for SEO benefit.
    • Fixed all 404 errors and implemented efficient redirects to maintain link equity.
    • Addressed canonicalization to eliminate duplicate content across product pages.
  2. b. On-Page SEO Challenges and Solutions
    • Product Categorization: Initially, products were poorly categorized, making it difficult for users to find specific flooring types. Solution: Revamped the categorization system with intuitive, SEO-friendly categories and subcategories, improving site navigation and search engine indexing.
    • Visual Content: Before the overhaul, product images were low-quality and lacked alt text, diminishing user engagement and SEO opportunities. Solution: Upgraded to high-resolution images with descriptive, keyword-rich alt text to enhance both visual appeal and SEO.
    • Thin Content: Many product pages featured minimal descriptions, offering little value to users or search engines. Solution: Expanded product descriptions to include detailed specifications, benefits, and installation tips, significantly enriching content quality.
    • Meta Tags: Inconsistent and non-optimized meta titles and descriptions led to poor click-through rates from search results. Solution: Customized meta tags for each page, incorporating targeted keywords and compelling calls-to-action to improve visibility and engagement.

Strategic SEO Implementations

Focused on rectifying on-page issues while bolstering the site’s overall SEO profile through:
  • Keyword Optimization: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-value, relevant terms for flooring products and incorporated these strategically throughout the site.
  • Content Strategy: Developed a comprehensive content strategy that included informative blog posts on flooring trends, care tips, and DIY installation guides, positioning the website as an authoritative resource in the flooring industry.
  • Backlink Campaign: Engaged in a targeted outreach campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from home improvement and interior design websites, enhancing the site’s domain authority and referral traffic.

Keyword Analysis

Emphasized a balanced approach to keyword targeting, focusing on both broad industry terms and specific product-related phrases. This strategy aimed to capture a wide audience, from those in the early stages of research to ready-to-buy customers.

Content Strategy

Elevated the site’s value proposition by introducing a diverse range of content formats, including video tutorials, customer testimonials, and interactive floor design tools. This multifaceted approach aimed to engage users more deeply and encourage longer site visits.

Backlink Strategy

Pursued backlinks from reputable sources within the home improvement sector, emphasizing quality over quantity. Special attention was given to securing links from pages with high relevance and authority to drive targeted traffic and improve search rankings.

Implementation Plan

Over six months, the strategy unfolded through phased improvements, starting with critical on-page enhancements and expanding to broader SEO efforts. The plan included regular monitoring to identify and address new challenges as they arose.

Monitoring and Reporting

Utilized Google Analytics and other SEO tools to track key metrics such as traffic sources, page views, bounce rate, and conversion rates. Monthly reports highlighted progress and informed ongoing strategy adjustments.

Risks and Challenges

Navigating the highly competitive flooring market required constant innovation and adaptation. The primary challenge was ensuring the website remained appealing to both search engines and users amidst changing algorithms and consumer preferences.

Next Steps

Building on the success of our initial SEO campaign, our future initiatives are designed to further elevate the flooring store’s online presence:

  1. Expanding Product Offerings Online: We plan to broaden the range of products available on the website. Adding more variety and options will cater to a wider customer base and potentially capture a larger market share.

  2. Integrating Augmented Reality Features: To enhance the online shopping experience, we will explore the integration of AR technology. This will allow customers to visualize how different flooring options look in their own spaces, which can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

  3. Continuing SEO and User Experience Enhancements: We will maintain our commitment to ongoing SEO optimization and user experience improvements. This includes refining content, enhancing site architecture, and adapting to search engine algorithm updates to ensure sustained growth in traffic and sales.

  4. Leveraging Advanced Analytics: We will utilize advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data will inform our content strategies and website design choices, ensuring they align with user needs and market trends.

These steps aim to not only sustain the current growth trajectory but also position the flooring store as a leading digital destination in the competitive home improvement market.


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